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I wasn’t always like this, I swear. There was a time in my life when if I wanted to satisfy my urge for tinkering, I’d kill a few hours on ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine, trying to determine exactly who my beloved New Jersey Nets would have to give up to acquire a young James Harden. But now…well, now I scratch that same itch by wondering, “Can I devise a revenue-neutral tax reform plan?”

And yes, I am significantly less fun at parties than I used to be.

But before my nerdiness drives you away, consider the importance of my undertaking. A revenue neutral tax plan — one that generates the same amount of tax revenue over the next decade — is the carrot the GOP is chasing. Why? As we’ve discussed in this space before, a tax reform plan — one that cuts rates, simplifies the law, and yes, as mentioned in the previous sentence, results in no net loss of tax dollars — can be passed through what’s called the “budget reconciliation process.”

Under this process, should the House and Senate ever get around to approving budgets that provide for a tax reform plan, that plan could be passed with only a simple 51 majority in the Senate. And because Republicans currently hold 52 seats in the Senate, it means that the GOP could pass its vision of tax reform without a single vote from a Democrat.

The catch, however, is that in order to use the reconciliation process, any bill cannot add to the deficit beyond the ten-year budget window, hence the need for revenue neutral tax reform.

How hard can that be?

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Authored by Tony Nitti, Withum Partner and writer for Forbes.com.

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Time’s up.

On February 9th, President Donald Trump made the following promise:

“We’re going to be announcing something over the next, I would say, two or three weeks that will be phenomenal in terms of tax.”

Now, say what you will about Trump’s presidency, but to date, he’s followed through on his promises. He said we’ll have a wall? We’re getting a wall. He said he’d keep terrorists out? He’s enacted sweeping — and potentially unconstitutional — immigration reform. Twice. He said he’d drain the swamp? He…well, two out of three ain’t bad.

But where’s the tax plan? Drastic individual and business tax cuts were a huge part of Trump successful campaign, but in the first 50 days of his presidency, he has produced nothing.

What’s the holdup?

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Authored by Tony Nitti, Withum Partner and writer for Forbes.com.

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