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There’s a lot of politically-fueled hate in this country right now. Democrats hate President Trump. Republicans hate CNN and Colin Kaepernick. The alt-right hates everyone.

But can’t you see that harboring all of that hatred over what, really — when you take a step back — are small ideological differences, is both misplaced and misguided? After all, you — Mr. Diehard Democrat — had you been born in a different state and grown up on a farm, could easily have become a conservative. And you — Mrs. Resolute Republican — had you grown up with a parent who needed Medicaid, may well have become a liberal snowflake. While the chasm between the two parties seems impassable when we focus on the staunchest of the two sides, the reality is that most of us fall somewhere within that chasm, embracing a few sentiments from each party as part of our ever-evolving personal ethos. So why hate someone that could easily be you in a few years? It’s a wasted emotion.

Now, I’m not asking you to stop hating; that would be lunacy. Rather, I’m simply suggesting we see past our petty differences and unite to hate the same thing. A group of people so reprehensible that all of us — Democrat and Republican, black and white, gay and straight — can become one in our shared repulsion.

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Authored by Tony Nitti, Withum Partner and writer for Forbes.com.

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