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It appears former NY Giants Super Bowl hero turned currently-unemployed  wideout Plaxico Burress was so euphoric after ripping out the heart of the 18-0 Patriots in February 2008,he plum forgot to pay his 2007 NYC taxes.

From TMZ:

According to legal docs, Burress didn’t quite pay all his personal income tax for the year 2007 and now the Empire State is looking to collect on the $59,241 he owes.

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A few things you may have missed this weekend while struggling to explain to your 6-year old that before he/she was born, the Patriots used to win big games. 

We all know frequent flier programs are the biggest scam this side of extended warranties and Miss Cleo, but did you know that certain award miles — such as those issued for opening a bank account or depositing money into a mutual fund — are taxable?  

In the wake of the uproar over Mitt Romney’s 13.9% effective tax rate, here’s one man’s fairly logical defense of the preferential rates on long-term capital gains and qualified dividend income.

Dear Antrel Rolle,

Congratulations on your Super Bowl victory! Now, about those $2.5 million in purported charitable contributions you made to a church that doesn’t exist…

Sincerely, the IRS

According to an international tax expert, people are forfeiting their  U.S. citizenship in record numbers. He blames our oppressive tax regime. I blame the troubling rise in unemployment, gas prices, and Nicki Minaj.

Look, I understand that TV has to get progressively more “shocking” in order to keep the attention of today’s younger generation, but as a father, I find this repugnant. Wait..what? M.I.A. flashed the “bird” during the halftime show? I had no idea. I was referring to this disgusting display from the Puppy Bowl warm ups:

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While Eli and the gang ready themselves for Sunday’s game, team ownership is preparing to fight it out in court over a $1,500,000 property tax bill East Rutherford says the team owes.

At the root of the issue is whether the team’s new training facility — which was built with private funds as part of the construction of Met Life Stadium — should enjoy the same tax-exempt status as the old state-owned Giants Stadium.

The team argues that the current training facility is grandfathered under the previous, tax-exempt arrangement:

“The new stadium replaced the old stadium. The Giants had a practice facility here and offices here. Now they have a practice facility and offices. Nothing has changed.”

From the county’s perspective, however, the Giants gave up the right to its property tax exemption when it borrowed $650,000 of private money to construct its current facility. As Mayor James Cassella put it,  “It’s an office building…Why should someone who owns an office building, built by a private company, not pay taxes?”

Of course, if the Giants have too much pride to lay down on Sunday, they could also try and cover their tax bill by laying $150 bucks at 10,000 to 1 that they’ll win by more than 29 but less then 33 points. It could happen, right?  Right????

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