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A few things you may have missed this weekend while watching Spain put on a clinic.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wanted a 10% tax cut included in the latest state budget, but didn’t get one. So as punishment, all state lawmakers are required to spend a 100-degree afternoon in downtown Trenton so Christie can give them a talking to. Good times.

Dwight Howard wants the Orlando Magic to trade him to the Brooklyn Nets. So to clarify: not only is he demanding to be sent to a team that won all of 22 games last season, but assuming he relocates from Florida to New York, he’s also insisting on a 8.82% salary cut in the form of increased state income taxes. Smart fella’.

How to protect yourself against tax identity theft.

Robert Wood over at Forbes discusses the tax implications of the Katie Holmes – Tom Cruise divorce. As an aside, many people are using the divorce as an opportunity to renew their attack on Scientology —  the new-age religion of which Cruise is a devote —  blaming Cruise’s faith for the split. These critics call Scientology a farce, pointing out its spurious genesis and  “outrageous” belief system, with some high-profile people going so far as to call the religion “evil.”

I, for one, find these types of attacks on any religion — fringe as it may be — to be rather narrow-minded.  When I was a kid, my parents taught me all about another so-called “wicked” guy, who had long hair and some wild ideas, and who didn’t always do what was right, but today he has countless followers who love and worship him. I’m drawing a blank on the guy’s name right now, but I remember he used to drive a blue car.

As an aside to my aside, I had dinner with some clients/friends on Friday night, and a spirited debate broke out over what I always thought was a no-brainer of a question: What is the most homoerotic movie scene in cinematic history?

Now, I’d been of the belief that this was an open-and-shut case, with the “Apollo Creed/Rocky Balboa frolicking in the shore break” scene from Rocky III as the only acceptable answer:

My client, however, insisted that the famous Tom Cruise volleyball scene from Top Gun took the prize:


Decide for yourself, but I hope Mike and I can come to an agreement on this soon, as this is the type of argument that can irreversibly damage the CPA-client relationship.

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