Double Taxation: A Take On All Things Taxes

What Will the Trump Tax Cuts Mean for Your Wallet?

What a rip-off. This was supposed to be my fifteen minutes. The summer of 2017 was when the discussion surrounding tax reform was going to dominate the airwaves, newswires and internet, with every TV station, publication and web site coming to me for my opinion on the pros and cons of potential changes. And I was going to shine.

But none of that materialized. Instead, tax reform has been largely forgotten, as the legislative progress has been stopped in its tracks by the never-ending, irreconcilable argument over Obamacare and, more recently, some potential light treason.

But yesterday, the veritable eggheads at the Tax Policy Center snapped me out of my summer doldrums and brought tax policy back to the forefront of the social consciousness by publishing its analysis of President Trump’s most recent tax plan. And it’s nothing if not revealing.

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Authored by Tony Nitti, Withum Partner and writer for