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It’s Wedding Season: Here Are Five Tax Reasons Not To Say ‘I Do’

I am not what one would describe as a “talented” man, but I do possess one time-tested, undeniable skill: Within mere minutes of arriving at a wedding, I can tell you with absolute certainty whether the couple will be divorced within three years.

My record is impeccable, but to be honest, it’s not all that difficult. Here are a couple of helpful tips:

Even those who survive beyond three years aren’t out of the woods, of course; after all, being married is hard. If there’s any advice I can offer young couples contemplating tying the knot, it’s this: the saying goes that life is too short. Well, I’ve got news for you: if you marry the wrong person, life is looong. You’ll wake up every morning,  look to the other side of the bed, and find yourself wishing that the whole thing would just speed up and get over with already.

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Authored by Tony Nitti, Withum Partner and writer for