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Coming on the heels of my Friday post regarding the impending expiration of the COD exclusion for mortgages secured by a taxpayer’s primary residence, Roger McEowen of Iowa State University published this wonderful 5-page chart detailing 1) those provisions set to expire at 12.31.2012 as part of the sunset of the Bush tax cuts, 2) those provisions set to expire at 12.31.2012 unrelated to the Bush tax cuts and 3) those provisions that previously expired at 12.31.2011 and may be candidates for a Lazarus-like revival. With year-end planning just around the corner, it’s a must read.

Hat tip: Joe Kristan at Roth & Co.

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Boy, that Tebow trade has really added a dynamic new element to the Jets’ offense, no?

A few pictures from a Sunday spent in and around Leadville, CO, the highest (think altitude, not reefer) incorporated city in the U.S.

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So this is why my college years were so lonely. All the chicks with loose morals were economic majors.

If everyone’s so fired up about the 47% of Americans who don’t pay income tax, perhaps we should tax them. Howard Gleckman has five ways you could do it. His most novel suggestion: fix the economy and get people working again.

Hey, maybe Romney’s plan to cut rates while keeping tax revenue level is possible. After all, it worked for Reagan.

From the WSJ: Is your political contribution tax-deductible?

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