Double Taxation: A Take On All Things Taxes

For A Rich Guy Who’s Only Been Divorced Once, R Kelly Certainly Doesn’t Seem to Have A Lot of Cash

R&B singer and frequent Dave Chappelle-target R Kelly is no stranger to trouble, whether it’s of the “being accused of doing unspeakably depraved things to underage girls on home video” variety or of the more mundane, but equally problematic, “failing to pay his federal tax bill” variety.

In July 2011, we noted that the ‘Love Letter’ creator owed $837,000 in delinquent federal taxes. Now comes word that Kelly’s total bill to the IRS exceeds $6,000,000, with $1,500,000 of that total representing the amount due for 2011 alone. Given that Kelly had his Chicago mansion foreclosed upon in 2011 for failing to make nearly $3,000,000 in mortgage payments, I wouldn’t count on the IRS being made whole anytime soon.