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Weekend Roundup

A few things you may have missed this weekend while wishing Great Britain had scrapped its elaborate and overdone closing ceremonies in favor of simply airing this — England’s greatest contribution to the modern world — on a continuous loop:

The internet has been buzzing with reactions to the Tax Policy Center’s unfavorable breakdown of Mitt Romney’s tax proposals, which we covered here.

First, this piece on Forbes looks at how Romney’s response to the Center’s report (he went on the offensive, dismissing it as a “liberal study”) differed from his earlier take on the Center when it suited his needs (he referred to it as an “objective third-party” when a previous analysis beat up Romney rival Rick Perry).

Elsewhere on Forbes, this piece compares Romney’s proposal to the bipartisan Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction plan set forth in 2010.

Don’t Mess With Taxes has this great comparison of Romney and Ryan’s tax plans. [Ed note: many aspects of Ryan’s plan reflected in this comparison are from Ryan’s 2010 proposal. Many of these provisions — including eliminating tax on all capital gains, interest and dividends, as well as giving taxpayers the option to compute the tax under the old regime, were dropped in his subsequent 2011 and 2012 House budgets.]

Don’t believe the hype: Flavor Flav’ hit with $900k IRS tax lien.

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