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Update: If our earlier post about E&Y tax accountant and Olympic triathlete Gwen Jorgensen piqued your interest — but still wasn’t enough to motive you to rise at 4:30 AM today to watch the Olympic race — here’s how thing went down: unfortunately, Jorgensen suffered a flat tire during the cycling leg that ultimately derailed her gold medal dreams before she could even reach her strongest discipline, the 10K run.

Such is the unfortunate reality of triathlon: you can prepare perfectly and have your fitness peak right at race day, but because for 24 miles you’re dependent on a machine, there’s always the risk of a mechanical issue letting you down. It’s just a shame it had to happen during a race that’s only offered every four years.

Jorgensen ultimately finished in 38th place, and was said to be fighting back tears when discussing her misfortune after the race. Making matters worse, she had to quickly hop on a plane and head back to the States, as her senior manager at E&Y needed her to come into the office this evening to prepare a Form 5500 that slipped through the cracks and wasn’t timely filed by July 31st.

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