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It’s been a rough year for NFL quarterback Kyle Orton.

First, he lost his job as the starting QB of the Denver Broncos to Tim Tebow, who promptly captivated the nation by leading the Broncos back to relevancy despite a glaring inability to throw a forward pass with any semblance of accuracy.  As if that weren’t insult enough, Orton was subsequently granted his outright release, while Tebow’s flair for the dramatic and outspoken Christian faith have led some lunatics observers to hint at divine intervention.  

Then, Orton and his unceremonious ouster from Denver were lampooned in this piece of internet awesomeness: 

After his release, Orton was claimed off waivers by the lowly Kansas City Chiefs before he could be reunited with his former team, the Chicago Bears, who at the time were 7-3 and one serviceable QB away from a playoff berth.

Then last week, just days before Orton was set to lead the Chiefs into Denver with hopes of keeping the Broncos out of the playoffs, Orton sued a Chicago law firm alleging he and other investors suffered millions of dollars of losses from partnerships that failed to provide anticipated tax benefits:

Orton, in a complaint filed yesterday in state court in Chicago, accuses Chuhak & Tecson PC of misrepresentation and negligence over advice on investments in oil and gas partnerships that were designed to grant tax credits. He and a co-plaintiff seek to represent other investors in a class-action lawsuit. The firm didn’t warn Orton and other investors that there was a possibility they wouldn’t receive the anticipated tax credits because the partnerships, set up to sell biomass gas from landfills to generate electricity, didn’t meet the statutory requirements for the credits.

Orton’s luck may finally be turning, however. He was triumphant in his return to Denver, though the Broncos backed into the postseason anyway by virtue of the Raiders loss to the Chargers. And Orton is surely taking great joy from the fact that Jesus has been so busy enjoying His birthday week, He forgot to keep Tebow from sucking the past two Sundays.

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